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Urban Realm Volume 14.58

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This landscape-led edition of Urban Realm explores how nature-based solutions can answer big questions from a recruitment crisis to climate change and even sewerage.

This is evidenced by Plants with Purpose, a science-led initiative to quantify the mediating effect of particular species on precipitation and temperature.

At the heart of these issues and more is The Edinburgh Futures Institute, the University of Edinburgh's solution to creating a more egalitarian and sustainable society. It is also representative of a growing retrofit movement which takes centre stage alongside Perth Museum.


  • Feminist Urbanism
    Moves to account for the experiences of women in the built environment are inspiring a more open approach to town planning that ensures decisions around footpath width, lighting and open spaces are made for the benefit of all. We look at the role of this developing approach to urbanism in creating more inclusive cities.
  • Landscape Architecture
    With our green spaces assuming ever greater importance on the frontline of climate change, wellbeing and sustainability we take a timely look at recent developments. What steps must be taken to guarantee access to talent at home and abroad for the original growth business?
  • Localising Sewerage
    New housing and the populations that go with them are overloading sewage treatment plants with an alarming frequency that demands solutions. Leslie Howson makes the case for installing localised sewage plants at every large housing development to prevent unwanted discharges into our seas and rivers.
  • Perth Museum
    Perth Museum has placed its host city squarely on the cultural map with a surgical set piece that brings new life to an Edwardian landmark through a mix of bronze incisions and oak additions. Mark Chalmers rummages for surprises within.
  • Scottish Design Awards
    The return of the Scottish Design Awards is marked by our blowout feature covering all the winners. The culmination of a year-long process our overview pays tribute to those practices, people and projects that have made the biggest splash in 2024.
  • Urban Resilience
    Attention is turning from grey to green infrastructure to make our built environment more resilient to extreme weather events as austerity combined with the carbon and wellbeing agenda rip up the rulebook on city building. We look at how landscape-led approaches are seeing raingardens replace the concrete jungle.
  • Recruitment
    Landscape architects have enjoyed success at bending the ear of clients and politicians when it comes to climate change and biodiversity but have hit a brick wall when it comes to replenishing their ranks. Felicity Steers of erz sets out the nature of a recruitment crisis of our own making.
  • Edinburgh Futures Institute
    A surge in interest for retrofit work has reached its climax in Edinburgh with the unveiling of an ideas institute that looks to the future while embracing the past. Urban realm tours a timely intervention that looks to tackle the biggest issues facing humanity before the clock strikes midnight on climate change.


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