Urban Realm Volume 12.50

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The fiftieth edition of Urban Realm marks a milestone not only in print but in live events as we celebrated a return to in-person gatherings for the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Design Awards.
Time is the great leveller and throughout this issue, we will cover not only the best of the present but take in the future too with a look at the extra care housing market and the young stars who will take us there via Women in Property. We remain, as always, in your hands.


  • Extra Care Housing
    A fundamental human need to retain independence in later life is fueling a housing and care revolution but an emerging funding gap threatens an under supply of affordable stock in Scotland. Babak Sasan, director at BMJ Architects, addresses an issue that will affect us all sooner or later.
  • Ostro
    Hand-built on a shoestring budget by the husband and wife team at Paper Igloo Ostro is conceived as a ‘box within a box’ with access, storage and wet compartments nested within living spaces. Chris Stewart, director at Collective Architecture, sees first hand how beauty and durability need not be compromised in pursuit of energy efficiency.
  • Laidlaw Music Centre
    The University of St Andrews has put itself on the map as a music mecca of international renown with the launch of the Laidlaw Music Centre. Urban Realm takes a tour of the purpose-built venue to see whether it looks as good as it sounds.
  • Timber Supply
    Large vertically integrated sawmills are streamlining timber processes, freeing up stressed supply chains by capitalising on native timber right where we need it most. Mark Chalmers goes behind the logistics to preach the virtues of self reliance in a homegrown industry.
  • Johnnie Walker
    Edinburgh’s Princes Street has long been on the rocks but a themed visitor hub is stirring it back to life. Urban Realm finds that there is nothing pedestrian about Johnnie Walker’s ostentatious attraction which gives a former department store a second shot at success.
  • Women in Property
    Efforts to improve representation in property and construction are gaining ground thanks in no small part to the work of organisations such as women in property. Urban Realm caught up with tomorrow’s leading ladies at a student awards reception to see what the future holds.
  • Housing Market
    A place to call home is a fundamental human need but this hasn’t prevented numerous costly mistakes. How do we right the wrongs of the past and usher in a new golden age of housing? We explore some of the projects and policies that can deliver untapped potential.
  • High Rise housing
    Grenfell raised many issues regarding the design of high-rise residential buildings. Here Leslie Howson throws light on what must be prioritised as urgently as failed cladding while addressing the architects role in facilitating solutions.
  • Landscape Architecture
    The environments we inhabit are uniquely placed to resolve the issues of our age; from wellbeing of body and mind to the simple need to travel from a to b. We speak to those practices who have taken the high road to go above and beyond in delivering equitable green space.
  • Scottish Design Awards
    The Scottish Design Awards was restored to three dimensions with the return of our live show, marking an awards journey that has been 25 years in the making. Recognising that design is best appreciated when engaging all the senses we invited industry heavyweights to get back in touch during a night of sound and light.

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