Architecture Scotland Annual 2023

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The Architecture Scotland Annual 2023 is Urban Realm's collection of wild and wonderful built forms which have made the leap from drawing board to reality over the past year.

The who’s who of Scottish Architecture covers familiar faces and up-and-coming smaller practices such as Kris Grant, whose imaginative use of sliding walls creates a reconfigurable family home.

Artificial intelligence may be hogging the headlines, but the idiosyncracies of the individual often shine more brightly, as exemplified by architect-client Sonia Browse at Bellfield Lane. The one-of-a-kind property that wears its personality on its sleeve with an exposed Sheela-na-gig carving.

At Hundred Acre Wood meanwhile, Denizen Works make good use of screen time by delivering a building clad in recycled televisions, a choice of materials which gives new meaning to tech-driven architecture. Similarly this annual itself is a tribute to physicality over screens and to the power of bricks and mortar that continue to stand tall even after we’ve logged off for the night.



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