Urban Realm Volume 10.43

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This quarter Urban Realm we don't do anything by halves as we bring you the lowdown on everything from a new generation of engineers moving to change the world to a full report on the Scottish Design Awards.

Our cover story takes us back to Knockroon for a ten year retrospective on a development which promised much despite becoming a poster child for style wars. Does the model have anything still to teach us in 2020?

Amid climate disruption, pandemics and political polarisation we identify the pressing need to act now with a manifesto for change and take an in-depth look at Waverley Station.

We also catch-up with newly installed RIAS president Christina Gaiger for a preview of what the organisations youngest-ever leader has planned over the next two years.


  • Waverley Station - Network Rail has unveiled ambitious plans to remodel Edinburgh's Waverley Station but with car sales booming and people now increasingly forsaking public transport do they still make sense?
  • Scottish Design Awards - We present the big winners from a night like no other with a behind the scenes collection of this year's highlights.
  • Knockroon - Famed as the Scottish Poundbury this latter-day Brigadoon has risen as one possible alternative to the cookie-cutter ranks of volume builders. Mark Chalmers pays a visit to find out what this romanticised vision gets right - and wrong.
  • Active Travel - With bike use soaring the importance of pedestrian and cycle priority routes has never been greater. We investigate what steps our cities are taking to green and prevent lockdown from precipitating a secondary health emergency.
  • Post-pandemic planning - The phrase never let a good crisis goes to waste has been more applicable than the present time, with behaviours and established norms changing at a bewildering pace. We try to make sense of things with a manifesto for addressing the twin demands of the climate/covid crisis.
  • Student showcase - We gather together our picks of this year's graduates, surfacing those who show the greatest promise as the higher education sector adapts to embracing new channels of communication to get their message across.
  • RIAS - Fresh leadership at the RIAS brings with it the promise of a bottom-up transformation of the architect's body to position it to better meet today's challenges. We chat to Christina Gaiger to find out what the next two years have in store.
  • Engineering Focus - The return of our engineering focus brings with it an in-depth look at how innovations in materials science and construction techniques are guiding projects. We ask how the profession is adapting to new ways of working and where the primary growth drivers lie.

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